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See-Through Brain Made Possible by Neuroscientists

Biology Guild: Stanford University scientists have found a way to make see-through mouse brains: You take the brain out of the mouse, soak it in chemicals for a couple of days, and voila! It becomes transparent.

That’s not just a parlor trick. It lets scientists see both anatomical and chemical details in their natural, three-dimensional setting. And how big of a deal is that?

During the development of the process called CLARITY, “I burned and melted more than a hundred brains,” said Kwanghun Chung, the primary author of the Stanford paper. Now “I have a transparent liver, lungs and heart.” The team was lead by bioengineer and psychiatrist Karl Deisseroth.

This research was conducted at the Deisseroth Lab at Stanford University.

Photos, video stills and original paper: Nature Journal

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